Endeavor  Kennels

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Pet Obedience

Each dog is different and may have individual needs.  We will determine a process for training each pet after conversation with owner and initial evaluation.  We work to establish routine and order in dogs lives that transfer where ever they go.  Typical training for pets are 2-4 months depending on the dog.  Cost for Training Services is $700.00 per month.


Key Components:

Dog and People Socialization

Daily interaction with other dogs and people.  Develop confidence, trust and willingness to listen and work.


Correcting negative behaviors.  Jumping on people seems to be the most common.


On and Off leash obedience.  We teach the basics - Come, Sit and stay.  Then we reinforce them off leash.

Each dog visiting kennel must be current on required vaccines.  Proof of current vaccinations will be kept on file for each dog.