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About Us

Endeavor Kennels is a Family operated dog training business.  We focus on training dogs for the field with the added conditioning and obedience suitable for the family life.  We want to make life with your dog easy and enjoyable, but also have the best trained dog in your hunting party or neighborhood.


With every dog we want to make sure we put the focus of training where it will be used most. Thru one-on-one communication with owners, we establish desired objectives for a dog to perform and evaluate dog’s abilities.  We set out a daily regiment of conditioning and training to meet our end goal.

We stand behind the dogs we train. We want them to succeed and continue to improve.  We’re available after dogs go home for any issues that arise- whether it’s a phone call, text or some time at the kennel working with the dog and owners.  


Our Promises to Owners:

1.  We won’t take on a dog if we do not believe we are able to achieve set goals.

2.  We care for every dog as if they were our own. 

3.  We won’t waste you time or money – We’ll keep you informed of your dog’s progress and if at any point during the training process your dog is not advancing, we will notify you and discuss recommendations/options.

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